About College

About College

Scope of Nursing

Apart from the "Doctors" the group of manpower which is very essentially required to effectively deliver the health care services is "NURSING STAFF". The Nursing profession plays an important role in planning, organizing and co-ordination of health services at the primary, secondary and tertiary level of health care. Without the help of nursing Services, comprehensive health is not possible. Nursing care is a must at all levels: from the grass root primary health care level to the most sophisticated level of bypass surgery at apex hospitals. Success in the national health programme and 'Health policy are not possible without the help and support of the nursing profession. Thus, the scope of nursing profession, by and large, is of great value in serving mankind. Further, the scope of nursing is in professional development through Post basic B.Sc. (N), M.Sc. (N), M. Phil, Ph. D along Clinical Nursing and Community Nursing.


In any institution of higher learning, the barometer that indicates its standard is the sophistication of its laboratory. Because of the fact that the future is depend on in-depth study and hands-on experience, the young student needs to identify himself or herself with research and development at this early stage. The Nursing School & College is well equipped for analytical research. The following are the labs available for students to carry out their practical studies.

  • Anatomy Lab.
  • Bio-Chemistry & Microbiology.
  • Pre-Clinical Lab
  • Community Health Nursing.
  • Nutrition Laboratory.
  • M.Ch. Lab.
  • Computer Lab.

Library with reading room

A spacious and well-equipped modem library with latest textbooks, reference books and various national and international Journals as well as many periodicals from world over are received and these are available to members for borrowing. References section books are issued for reading in the library reference reading section only. Books will be issued on the basis of priority.


According to the Indian Nursing Council (I.N.C.) each student has to have an aggregate of 80% attendance in each subject failing which the candidate shall not be allowed to appear in the examination.

Lamp Lightning Ceremony

After three months of and before going for clinical posting students will attend the LAMP LIGHTING CEREMONRY and will take the pledge of nursing infront of an assembled audience to enter the profession of nursing.

Extra Curricular Activities

Debates, Essay competitions, Drama and cultural programmes, and sports be regularly organized. Seminars shall also be held on WHO day, AIDS day, Anti Leprosy day, Independence and Republic days, Tuberculosis day etc. Annual Educational tour, Inter college Sports competition can be organized. Computer training is also provided in the institute.